Tactical Medicine

Tactical Medicine is one of the most vital skills a gun owner or first responder can learn. These courses can save lives, and one should always be prepared to plug holes if they are prepared to make holes. We also feel it is the duty of civilians and responders to train to save lives whether it be a gunshot wound, terror attack, or a simple car wreck or chainsaw accident. We take extra steps and care to ensure the student has a full understanding of the medical equipment and knowledge needed to enter any dangerous or traumatic situation confidently.  The instructors will also utilize realistic scenarios at the end of these classes for the students to practice providing medical care in different high stress or tactical situations. This class is recommended to anyone who wishes to better prepare themselves for any type of medical emergency whether a civilian, SWAT member, or operator. We offer a Tactical Medicine 101 class which is the foundation of tactical medicine (TECC) and a Tactical Medicine 102 class which will consist of live-fire high stress tactical scenarios. We also offer our Enhanced TECC course, our survival medical course, and our MCAS course. Lastly, we offer medical training restricted to LEO/Mil/EMS. Check out the tabs on the left to go in-depth into each course. To sign up for this class or inquire about group rates, please email management.apexgroup@gmail.com .


A certificate will be given at the completion of this course. Discounts will be given to Mil/LEO and groups.

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