Tactical Medicine 1/TECC

Do you carry a weapon daily? We believe that one should know how to plug holes, if he is prepared to make holes. Not only that, we believe every civilian and responder should take this course to know how to treat a variety of wounds whether its arriving at a car wreck or dealing with a chainsaw accident or treating victims of mass violence. This course is designed to provide the student with knowledgeable understandings of how to treat medical situations in tactical scenarios, violent situations, acts of terrorism, active shooters, traumatic injuries, accidents, or natural disasters. Students will learn what you need to have in your medical kit and how to use it in response to those events.


Tactical Medicine 101/TECC (8hr/$150)-


  • Massive bleeding and arterial wounds
  • Scene safety i.e. when to shoot and when to treat
  • Airway and respiratory management 
  • Chest injuries
  • Fluid replacement and blood circulation
  • Hypothermia and other weather-related complications
  • Head injury
  • How to interact with 911 and first responders
  • Large-scale injuries, IED's, burns
  • Survival Medicine versus Tactical Medicine
  • Moving the patient/basic extraction
  • Full scale scenarios 


Medical kits can be purchased before or after the class for $150 ($15 discount). All training materials will be provided for this class. Group and Mil/LEO discounts are offered for this course. This course can also come to your range, business, or church. This class is TCCC and TECC compliant. A certificate in Tactical Emergency Casualty Care will be given upon completion of the course!

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