Mass Casualty/Active Shooter Medical Response (MCAS Med)

Wounds found in combat vs those in Active Shooter situations are very different. This class is designed for law enforcement, first responders, schools, corporations, churches, hospitals, etc. who want to train to treat mass casualties from active shooters or targeted attacks. This class is best taught in cohesive groups who will be together during such events and can develop a training bond and plan together, but can also be taken by individuals. This class can also be switched and taught at businesses where coworkers could treat incidents of workplace violence and locations such as schools to law enforcement and tactical EMS. We recommend this class to to grasp concepts surrounding mass casualties and patient triage. This class will teach the most current Tactical Emergency Casualty Care curriculum and will also teach the "Stop the Bleed" Homeland Security curriculum.



MCAS Medical Response-($225/ 1 or 1.5 day available/12hrs)

  • Complete Review of Tactical Medicine 101
  • Combat wounds vs Active Shooter wounds
  • MCAS medical statistics
  • Tactical Emergency Medical Support Overview
  • Hunter/Killer Teams for Active Shooter and CQB tactics (if applicable)
  • How to stop the bleeding and save the life
  • Mass Casualty Staging and Response
  • Scene safety and assessment
  • Mass Casualty Triage
  • Treating Mass Casualty Victims
  • Assessment and Diagnostics
  • Triage and Assessment Tools and Techniques
  • Tactical MCAS Applications
  • Mass Casualty Collection
  • Mass Casualty Extraction
  • Stabilization and Treatment during Extraction
  • First Responder Preparedness and Transport
  • Fully moulaged live victims for authenticity (5-10 victims depending on size of class)
  • Large scale exercises and evaluations

All course materials are provided for this course. IFAKs are available to purchase for $150 ($15 discount) and custom medical bags and other medical equipment will be available for purchase as well. This course can be taught at your business, church, school, or other locations. Group and responder discounts available for this course. Basic first aid and medical response is recommended for this course. This course can also be taught in a 2-day format and combined with tactical medicine 101. A certificate of completion will be given at the end of this course.

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