Live-Fire Tactical Medicine 2

Tactical Medicine 102 is the intense live-fire course after tactical medicine 101. Students must have completed a Tac Med 101/TCCC/TECC class before attending and be proficient with their weapon platform. This class will consist mostly of high stress scenarios in differing environments as well as stressful scenarios, making the student engage threats while treating victims. This class is recommended for SWAT/Mil but is available to everyone.


Live-Fire Tactical Medicine 2 (8hr/$175)-

  • Tactical Medicine 101 refresher
  • Shooting while dealing with medical casualties
  • Live-fire group scenarios with wounded victims
  • Active Shooter scenarios with mass casualties
  • Live fire extractions with team tactics
  • Concealed Carry Medical
  • Shooting with PPE or while wounded
  • Shooting and treating victims in vehicles
  • How to handle calling 911 and when responders arrive
  • Scenarios with casualties to deal with if wounded


Medical Kits can be purchased at the end of this course for $150 ($15 discount). All training materials will be provided except ammo. Weapons, ammo, and tactical gear can be rented. Group and Mil/LEO discounts are offered for this course.


***This class does require training in Tactical Medicine 101/TECC or TCCC and at least basic training in handgun or rifle as a prerequisite! ***

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