Advanced TacMed 3

Advanced Level 3 TacMed/TECC is our new favorite class here at ADG. When our instructors went through tactical medical training from various companies and agencies, the common theme is that we all learned how and when, but not the why and what comes after. This class is limited to certain students and first responders.



Advanced TECC 3- (8hr/$250) class:

  • Review from Tactical Medicine 101- diving more into the "whys" rather than the "how"
  • Going beyond the TECC, TCCC, and Tactical medicine curriculum to learn more about each step including when and warning signs
  • Patient diagnostics and diagnosis
  • Massive bleeds, airway, circulation, hypothermia, head injuries, lacerations, amputations, blood loss, respiration, and more.
  • Unconventional medical tactics
  • Suturing with training skin and real meat
  • Wound closures
  • Basic Surgical Interventions
  • Medicines and treatment
  • IVs and Injections on real LifeForm training arm
  • Difficult or unconventional extractions


This course is very intensive, and the student will need to know basic medicine and TECC/TCCC well. Group rates will be offered as well as Mil/LEO discounts for this course. IFAKS will be available for purchase before or after the class for $150 ($15 discount) as well as a chance to buy ADG medical bags and other medical equipment at a discounted rate. All materials needed will be provided for this course! A certificate will be given upon completion!

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