Self-Defense Training

Self-Defense training is one of the most popular services ADG offers. Our experienced staff has worked as law enforcement instructors domestically and internationally and have also worked as bodyguards with years of instructor experience. Self-defense is key to building a solid foundation of personal safety and combatives. More often than not, a real-life altercation will require some form of martial arts, let ADG train you today! This class is also taught in a female-only version which tailors to size and strength concerns.


Self-Defense Training- $70 per session- We currently offer 4 parts to our self-defense curriculem lasting 4-5 hours each. The 4 parts are broken down as follows-

  • Self-Defense Mentality
  • Alertness and Readiness
  • Tips, Tricks, and Tactics
  • Various Strikes
  • Various Blocks


  • Takedowns
  • Grappling/Ground Control
  • Close Quarters Fighting


  • Improvised Weapons
  • Pressure Points and Joint Manipulation
  • Control Tactics
  • How to Escape Control Tactics


  • Using a Blade or Blunt Object
  • Disarming a Blade or Blunt Object
  • Disarming a Firearm
  • Weapon Retention
  • Reality-Based Scenarios
  • Much more!

We also offer a Women's Only version geared toward the size and strength concerns commonly faced by women. This class is at no additional charge.


Group discounts are offered for this course. This course can also be moved to your home or office, church, etc. for groups.

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