Apex offers Self-Defense training for officers, individuals, employers, and groups. At ADG, we take Self-Defense very seriously, as often, real-life scenarios will occur in which self-defense training could determine if you escape unharmed. We currently offer three types of self-defense training: combatives (hand to hand/usual self-defense), baton training, and bladed weapons training (please click on the tabs to the left to find more information on each). The self-defense training can be done at one of the many ADG locations, at your place of business, gym, agency training center or home. Our instructors come from various backgrounds, all with extensive training and experience in combatives, martial arts, and hand to hand combat, and international law enforcement training. The curriculum can be tailored based on your needs or class size and can be taken privately or in a group setting. The frequency and length of these classes can also be altered based on scheduling concerns. To register for one of the classes, email or call at 336-529-4019.



*A discount will be offered to all college students, law enforcement, and groups.

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