Gun Work and Services

ADG is now offering custom weapon builds, upgrades, armorer work, and other weapons services: 


Gun work-


  • Custom built AR-15s designed to your needs, desires, and budget in mind (Background check required)
  • Custom Built AR-15 uppers or lowers (Background check required)
  • Upgrading factory or stock rifles and pistols into better performing weapons such as installing night sights, optics, rails, brakes, and more
  • Barrel swaps, handguard changes, muzzle brake installation, and more!
  • Professional Scope Mounting ($25)
  • Professional AR-15 Triggers ($75) if we provide the trigger ($50) if you provide the trigger
  • Professional Revolver Trigger Tuning ($50)
  • Professional Bolt Gun Trigger Tuning ($50)
  • Professional Glock Triggers ($55)
  • Pistol Sight Changes ($35 plus cost of sights)
  • Changing pistol triggers ($35 plus cost of trigger)


  • Sighting In Scopes (within a 2 inch bullseye at 100 yards) ($25 plus 1 box of ammo)
  • Professional Gun Cleaning ($15 per firearm)
  • Professional Quality Check of Firearm (tightening and torqueing all screws and accessories to spec, checking all aspects of the firearm, accu-wedging, and lubricating) ($25 per firearm)
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