Custom Medical Kits/IFAKs

At ADG, we make a few diverse types of IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) which are all TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) compliant. IFAKs should be mounted on vests, battle belts, in vehicles, and carried on the person. They can be used for range accidents, vehicle accidents, hiking or camping accidents, shootings, and working accidents. We sell a variety of IFAKs based upon your level of training and preparedness goal. We began making IFAKs because our instructors could not find one single commercially sold IFAK that they thought contained everything one would need. We GUARANTEE our IFAKs are the most comprehensive and stocked kits on the market. Our personal medical kits include:


1) Tactical/Combat IFAK TCCC/TECC Compliant- fully stocked w/ TQ holder in black, green, fde (This is our most popular kit we sell and use in our Tactical Medical Classes)- $175

2) Individual First Aid Kit (First Aid Supplies)- $65

3) Ankle Trauma Kit- $105

4) Mass Casualty/Team IFAK- $325

5) Outdoor/Wilderness IFAK- $150

6) customized medical bags for SROs, law enforcement, schools, churches, and more

7) Stop the Bleed public access modules for schools, offices, churches, and more


Items can be subtracted or added based upon your level of training. A change in price will reflect items subtracted or added.

( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

We have spent years developing what we think is the perfect IFAK, full of TCCC compliant medical supplies, as well as daily items one could use in a camping or civilian world. We truly do have the most stocked IFAKS on the market, while still containing vital supplies.

ADG First Aid IFAK
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

This is an IFAK for the civilian not trained in TECC/TCCC/TacMed. This kit contains civilian first aid supplies such as bandages, gauze wraps, and more for everyday cuts, scrapes, and minor medical emergencies.

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