Custom Bags

Apex understands there are few things more helpful in a time of crisis than a well packed bag. We offer handpicked bags each with personally chosen items picked by our top professionals in each field. All our instructors use and carry these bags daily and have used them in times of crisis. This is truly one of the most undervalued services here at ADG. We will ship these bags anywhere within the United States. To order or inquire about a bag, email or call 336-529-4019.


These bags will be packed with items chosen for you based on your level of training. Prices of bags vary upon contents. Bag options are as follows:


  • Vehicle Emergency Bags (Tools, supplies, blankets, and more in case of car trouble or breakdowns)
  • Survival/Preparedness/Bad Weather Bags (perfect for families)
  • Bug-Out Bags (perfect for your prepping efforts- 2-day, 3-day, 7-day, and 10- day available)
  • Tactical/Combat Bags (Geared toward the warfighter)
  • Basic First Aid Bags (perfect for homes, offices, and vehicles)
  • Trauma/Combat Medical Bags (perfect for ranges and Law Enforcement)
  • Mass Casualty Medical Bags (Great for churches, offices, and SWAT)
    • SRO Medical Bag
    • Active Shooter Medical Bag
    • Stop the Bleed Kits
    • Mass Casualty Medical Response Kit
    • More
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