Women's Only Classes

Apex is dedicated to making sure every client feels comfortable in each class and leaves knowing they received training most relevant to their current situation. Apex understands that women add a unique perspective to the methods and techniques used in real life. The instructors at Apex have developed classes specifically for women to address some issues, considerations, and techniques that are more applicable to the female population. The curriculum and quality of training is the same as all other classes Apex offers, these are just tailored specifically to women. Some considerations we address in these classes are different carry options for concealed weapons such as a purse and different tactics in self-defense for those of smaller stature. We at ADG believe women should receive tailored training just as much as men, so we have brought on a female instructor and now have dedicated classes each month specifically for women. If you are a female and want to book a Women’s Only class, please email: management.apexgroup@gmail.com or call 336-529-4019.


Classes offered to only women are:

Beginner Pistol

Defensive Handgun 101

Rifle 101

Beginner Shotgun

Everday Carry Handgun



*All prices are the same for Women's Only courses, couples will receive couple’s discounts.

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