Vehicle Defense

Apex understands that most Americans spend a great deal of time in their vehicles. During daily commutes, errands, and mid-day lunch runs, our vehicles go with us. Most people carry a weapon in their vehicle but have never practiced and trained for such times where one may be called upon to use it. For civilians, and our Law Enforcement in mind, ADG instructors have developed this class with the hopes of making our community members feel better prepared and equipped to handle any situation, even in a vehicle. Our vehicle defense class can be run as either a pistol or rifle course. To book your spot in the next class, email or call 336-529-4019.


Vehicle Defense Pistol ($200)- This class will cover a variety of tactics and techniques needed to use a weapon in and around your vehicle. Topics will include tactics and techniques, mindset, deploying a weapon inside a vehicle, shooting from inside a vehicle, dealing with multiple assailants, fighting to and from your vehicle, vehicle combative techniques, holsters and vehicle carry options, using your vehicle as concealment and cover, everyday considerations, shooting through glass and barriers, shooting from a moving vehicle, real world scenarios, vehicle bags and supplies, and much more. Note: This WILL be a live-fire course.


Vehicle Defense Rifle/Pistol ($250)- This class will cover mindset, using a rifle in and around a vehicle. shooting through glass and barriers, ballistic considerations, using a rifle from a moving vehicle, deploying a rifle, deploying body armor or other tools, medical and vehicle bags, rifle storage, long distance shooting from or around the vehicle, multiple assailants, recoil mitigation, moving from vehicle to cover, vehicle anatomy, combative techniques, scenarios, and more.

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