Shotgun Classes

Apex Defense Group sees value in the use of shotguns even in modern day. Shotguns can be used for a variety of purposes and is a valuable tool due to its versatility and power which is perfect for home-defense and shooters in close engagements. Most do not realize that in the hands of an experienced shotgun operator, a shotgun can be an offensive specialized weapon and tool unmatched. We feature three unique shotgun classes which are designed for any shooter to walk away satisfied no matter their skill level. Our instructors use different shotguns (pump/semi) and have specialized skills in different areas giving you a truly unique firearm class. These classes have been tailored to meet the needs of military/law enforcement and civilians alike. To sign up for a class or inquire about group rates, please email or call 336-529-4019. A certificate will be given at the completion of the course. 



Our Shotgun Classes include:


  • 4hr Beginner Shotgun- ($65/40 rounds)- This class is for new shotgun shooters who seek to know and learn about their shotgun platform and how to make it work for them. This non-aggresive class is perfect for shooters who cannot shoot 200 rounds in a day due to the inexperience managing shotgun recoil or due to age/physical limits.


  • Shotgun 1: Defensive Shotgun ($125/250 rounds)-  This class will cover the following objectives: Shotgun safety, shotgun functions, shotgun maintenance, using your sights/optics, reloading your shotgun, shooting stances and positions, using a sling and light, recoil management, shooting at close range, using cover in close quarters, clearing, target identification and transitions, and other key fundamentals.


  • Shotgun 2: Offensive Shotgun ($175/350 rounds)- This class will cover the following objectives: Shotgun safety, refresher of Shotgun 101, recoil management, rapid shots, rapid target acquisition, shooting on the move from cover to cover using a shotgun, diverse types of shotgun ammo and its uses, breaching, shotgun vehicle deployment, approach techniques, a tactical trail with hidden targets, long range shooting with slugs, and more.  
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