Rifle Classes

Our Rifle classes are a very important factor here at Apex. In a combat or defense situations, your rifle is the preferred primary weapon; therefore, it is something of importance to our staff. These classes are designed to meet the needs of military/law enforcement and civilians alike. To sign up for a class or inquire about agency/group rates, please email training.apexgroup@gmail.com or call 336-529-4019. A certificate will be given at the completion of the course. 


Our rifle classes are as follows:


  • Intro Beginner Rifle- This class is for shooters who want to become familiar with their rifle platform (4hr/$75/150 rounds)


  • Defensive Rifle 1- This class is for shooters who want to build solid rifle fundamentals geared toward defensive shooting situtations based upon real self-defense statistics and scenarios. This is also an excellent law enforcement class for patrol rifle introductions. (6hr/$125/350 rounds)


  • Defensive Rifle 2- This class is for intermediate shooters who want to practice defensive concepts within using a rifle. Topics include proper use of cover and concealment, weapon transitions, shooting on the move, and more. (8hr/$170/500 rounds)


  • Tactical Rifle 2- This class is for shooters who want to become more familiar with various engagement distances as they become more solid shooters and covers topics such as improvised shooting positions, rapid reloads, recoil management, different grips and methods of engagement, using barricades, multiple targets, and unconventional shooting techniques to better help them at the range, competitios, and self-defense. (8hr/$170/500 rounds)


  • Scoped Carbine- This class is for experienced shooters who have a magnified/variable power optic who want unique training in order to utilize the full potential of their rifle. Learn how to shoot up close, then quickly out to unknown distances and more to maximize the potency of the rifle/optic combo. (8hr/$170/500 rounds)


  • Advanced Rifle 3- This class is for advance rifle shooters who want to push their limits in advanced tactical scenarios in varying environments and will cover topics such as tactical use of cover and concealment, high speed shooting drills, multiple shots to the head and chest at close range, shooting with the non-dominant hand, long range shooting, rifle/pistol transitions, a 300 yard tactical trail with 17 hidden targets, identification and elimination, as well as a speed and accuracy competition. (8hr/$200/750 rounds)


We have added a few rifle classes, such as Core Rifle Fundamentals and a 4hr Rifle Tune-Up Clinic, please stay tuned for info to be posted concerning those courses.

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