Long-Distance/Precision Shooting

Distance is one of the best things to keep between yourself and the enemy. ADG has a few separate shooting classes custom tailored to long distance and precision shooting. The first class is our Long-Distance Shooting fundamentals, geared toward any shooter who wants to push their limits on range. We then have a Long Distance 102- This class will teach fundamentals of long range marksmanship and will enable students to engage targets out to 800 yards ranging from full silhouettes to 6-inch gongs. The Designated Marksman Class which will put our students in the role of a DM for rapid target engagements at unknown distances and obtuse angles. The last class is for students who want to learn camouflage, intel/recon, and firing while remaining unseen. Our instructors come from varying backgrounds and have the skills, tools, and passion which is demanded from such a difficult, yet vital class.



2- Day Long-Distance Shooting 101 ($200)- This course will cover long distance shooting fundamentals, ballistic calculations, data book keeping, rifle maintenance, trigger and respiration control, understanding holdovers, doping the scope, understanding mil-dots and scope fundamentals, ammunition considerations and options, controlled groupings, shooting out to 450 yards minimum, positioning, and more.


Long Distance 102 ($200)- This class will work on long distance shooting out to 800 yards, and will also cover rapid engagements, barricades, positional shooting, changing positions, and more!



Designated Marksman (DDM) ($200)- This course will cover precision shooting fundamentals review, ballistic calculations, multiple engagements at varying distances, unknown distances, rapid holdovers, obtuse shooting angles, using barricades, shooting through glass and objects, rapid deployments, squad support and over watch, makeshift positions, timed shooting drills, and much more.


Camouflage and Recon- ($300)- This class will work on how to stay hidden in varying environments. Students will make their own ghillie suits with the instructors to assist in making, will work on camouflage fundamentals, staying hidden while moving, diverse types of crawls, finding firing positions, making hides, ghillie fundamentals, shooting while staying hidden, communication, intelligence gathering, recon fundamentals, intel/recon reporting, and more.

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