Back the Blue NC Initiative

ADG founded the "Back the Blue NC Initiative" (BBNC) in January of 2018 in response to the number of police ambushes and fatalities. LE makes up a lot of our business and we felt called to give back to under-resourced departments who desperately need help. The BBNC is FREE training to 5 Law enforcement officers each month here in NC from under-resourced departments. All that is needed is an agency contact reaches out to us, schedules a time, and our instructors come out to give a FREE or discounted course. On top of that, we collect community donations and donations from our classes to get officers tactical medical gear that can save their lives, fellow officers, or civilians, and then train them on how to use that gear. To donate, please call us at 336-529-4019 or email us for a list of items we need and where to order them.


FREE classes include-

Officer Handgun

Officer Rifle

Officer Shotgun

Tactical Medicine 101 (TCCC)

Baton Refresher

Ground Survival/Officer Defense

Arrest and Control Tactics


Low Cost Classes Include-

Vehicle Defense

Team Tactics

Counter-Ambush Tactics

Structural Assaults/CQB

Active Shooter

Mass Casualty Medical Response


First Responders such as TEMS are qualified to take these courses at the same rates.

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