Active Shooter Training

In the world in which we live today, active shooters are becoming an ever-prevalent occurrence. An active shooter situation can happen anywhere, at any time. ADG offers a very unique class, custom tailored to Active Shooters and how to train to combat them. This class will be a multi-part class developed by counter-terrorism personnel who have a tactical background. It will cover active shooters in a variety of settings, involve scenarios with non-lethal training weapons, the mindset, aftermath, medical training, and how one can decide in a matter of seconds, as well as marksmanship and carry methods. This class can be tailored to meet the desires of individuals or agencies and is recommended to Law Enforcement only. We can host it at our venues or come to your facility or school. Topics are covered below to custom build your training experience to suit the needs of the department. To schedule Active Shooter training for your agency, email: or call 336-529-4019.


  • Active Shooter Topics (Price depends on group size and topics):
  • Mindset in Active Shooter Situations
  • Active Shooter Statistics and Tactics
  • Fight, Retreat, or Freeze
  • Hunter/Killer Teams
  • Eliminating the Threat
  • Live-Fire Range Time to Receive Top Firearms Training Geared Toward Active Shooter Elimination
  • Entering an Active Shooter Situation (LE)
  • Room Clearing and Dynamic Movement
  • Post-Shooter Trauma Medicine with Mass Casualties
  • Active Shooter Tips and Survival Strategies
  • Active Shooter Bags
  • Non-Lethal Training and Scenarios
  • Scenarios in Different Locations and Environments
  • Officer Safety
  • Squad Tactics
  • Dealing with civilians and casualty evacuations
  • Much more!


*Significant Law Enforcement Officers, LE Agencies, and First Responder Rates are available for this class.

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