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Handgun Classes

Our handgun classes are a specialty at Apex. We feature two unique handgun structures that are designed for any shooter to walk away satisfied no matter their skill set. We have tactical handgun classes (geared toward range plinking, shooting competitions, while still having applicable self-defense practicalities) and our defensive handgun classes (based upon realistic self-defense shootings). We will work with you to better develop your shooting method and work with you to make you a better shooter building on what works for you. All these classes have been tailored to meet the needs of military/law enforcement as well as civilians. To sign up for these classes, please email training.apexgroup@gmail.com or 336-529-4019. A certificate will be given at the completion of the course. Our handgun classes are as follows:



  • Intro Beginner Handgun- This class is for new and unfamiliar shooters and will cover firearms safety, fundamentals, and disassembly, and who want to more comfortable with their firearm and more (4hr/$60/150 rounds)


  • Defensive Handgun Fundamentals 101- This class is for students who want to become more proficient and comfortable shooters through reality based defensive drills building fundamentals while working on drawing, reloading, accuracy, and more (6hr/$100/350 rounds)


  • Tactical Handgun Fundamentals 101- This class is for students who shoot, but strive to build more solid fundamentals to become better shooters. We do not call these classes "tactical" to be cool, they are built for range shooters or beginner competition shooters while still allowing the shooter to take away self-defense tools. (6hr/$100/350 rounds)


  • Intermediate Defensive Handgun 102- This class is for comfortable shooters who want to become faster and more accurate defensive shooters. This class focuses on brain building, in-depth defensive shooting drills, one handed shooting, and much more (8hr/$150/650 Rounds)


  • Intermediate Tactical Handgun 102- This class is for comfortable shooters who want to become more tactically proficient with their handgun for range shooting, shooting competitions, and still defensive takeaways. This will be a higher geared class with multiple target transitions, challenging drills and scenarios, fundamental development, and more (8hr/$150/600 rounds)


  • Advanced Handgun 201- This class is for advanced shooters who want to challenge themselves and push their limits through advanced scenarios, drills, and fundamental test combined with pistol competition stages for time and a 315yd shooting trail through the woods with near impossible handgun shots (8hr/$200/850 rounds of ammo)
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