Concealed Carry/ Advanced Carry


NC Concealed Carry Class- 8hrs- $65- 50 rounds

This class is the class required in the state of NC to obtain your CCW permit



Everyday Carry Handgun- 6.5hr- $135- 450 rounds

This class was founded by our staff to better equip the Concealed Carry Permit holder. At ADG, we believe that the basic required class does not fully train citizens enough to responsibly and knowledgeably carry concealed in real-life scenarios. This class is for permit holders to start slow, building solid repetitions drawing from concealed and carrying, so that they are more confident and comfortable.



Advanced Concealed Carry - 8hr/$175/650 rounds

This class will cover skills and techniques needed to knowledgably and efficiently carry everyday being prepared for real-life scenarios once a baseline is established. It explores clearing malfunctions, shooting with the non-dominant hand, shooting with one hand, use of cover and concealment, reloads from concealed, shooting stances and positions, shot angles, shooting under stress, shooting with distractions, rapid target engagements, shooting in unconventional positions, target identification, mental training, shooting on the move, EDC items and uses, weapon retention, shooting in crowds, and more.


To book a spot in either class, email for our soonest opening, or call 336-529-4019.

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