Armorers Courses

Armorer Classes-

  • Build Your Own AR-15 Class- You will be required to buy your stripped lower from our FFL upon arrival to the class and pass a background check. When you register for the class- our armorer will call you and design your exact AR-15 with you selecting every part of your upper and lower based upon your specifics. Upon the day of the class, you get your lower, and the class consists of learning how to put together every piece on your rifle. Once the rifle has been built, students go to the range and sight in their scope and test their rifle. $75 plus $25 FFL transfer fee. (Student buys all rifle parts and 60 rounds of ammo). (Background check required)
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Class ($35)- This class will teach you how to properly disassemble your weapon, clean your weapon, perform a maintenance check, replace anything that is worn or needs replacing, how to lubricate your firearm, and more. All materials included. 
  • Build an upper receiver class ($45)- purchase the components and let us show you how to put it together! (Send an email if you need to know all of the parts and components to buy or want advice. We can design it around what you want/need)
  • Build an AR-15 lower ($30)- purchase the stripped lower and components and we will show you how to build it (send us an email for all components to purchase or if you want advice) (Background check required)


We can also teach you how to-

  • Properly mount scopes and optics ($25)- bring in your firearm, rings, and optic and we will show you how to properly mount it
  • Sight in a scope ($25)- bring your firearm and ammunition and we will show you how to sight in your rifle scope!

ADG is a licensed FFL.

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