Security Consulting

Having strong plans, security measures, trained employees, and knowledge can help save the company’s assets from undesirable situations, as well as time, money, and heartache should a threat take place. This includes countering insider theft, propriety information theft, breaches in security by malicious threats, workplace violence and active shooters, damage and losses, and much more. Security Consulting can be used to identify vulnerabilities, audit existing security measures, increase current security measures and countermeasures, test effectiveness, and more. Whether is mandatory for your business, such as an airport, or desired to safeguard your business, let us help. Please email us or call us at 336-529-4019.


Security Consulting-

  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis
  • Threat Assessment
  • Consequence Analysis
  • Physical Security Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Infrastructure and Value Assessment
  • Measures and Countermeasures (window and door barricades, cameras, lighting, fencing, gating, access controls, etc.)
  • Community Preparedness Through Environmental Design
  • Mapping Entrance/Exit Routes
  • On-Site Security Review, Audit, and Recommendations
  • Recommended Security Measures for Installation
  • Emergency and Security Drills/Exercises
  • Emergency Operations Plans and Procedures
  • Security Plans, Procedures, and Protocols
  • Threat Briefings
  • Security Effectiveness Testing

We can assist in obtaining grants through the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security for funding and our testing, reviews, surveys, and audits do comply, meet, and exceed DHS requirements.


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