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At Apex, our Corporate Security Consulting is one of our fastest growing divisions. Our consulting division started with critical infrastructure protection, training businesses that fell under Homeland Security regulations, and now has moved on to corporations, businesses, and corporate events. There are thousands of cases of aggravated workplace violence across the U.S. each year, and billions of dollars in stolen information and goods. While most companies are cost aversive, rather than risk aversive, having efficient and professional security plans and hardware is a sound investment.

Recognizing who these threats are, where the vulnerabilities are, and how to prevent and handle them is far more beneficial to a corporation or business than most realize. Help protect your company’s assets, reputation, finances, and tools and resources. Our consultants are trained to meet the requirements and standards of the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security required by Critical Infrastructure and Key Assets Protection. Let Apex and our highly trained and experienced staff help you with your security needs for your business or event. Our job is to provide a net of security for our clients by making or improving existing plans, ensuring the safety of the clients and structure, combating threats, training staff, and establishing physical security measures. Whether you are a power plant, large corporation, aviation maintenance facility, or local small business owner, Apex can help today. Email or call us at 336-529-4019.




*All employees will receive 15% off ALL services and classes if your company uses ADG.

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