Church Security Training

There have been over 950 deadly force encounters in churches within the last fifteen years. In the last decade, there have been twice as many deaths on religious property than there have been in school shootings. Heartbreaking, but recent examples of the importance for church security is the Texas Church massacre in November of 2017 and the Charleston, SC church shooting in June of 2015. Major pastoral blogs, and even state law and tax agencies highly recommend even a basic level of security for churches. While it is saddening and unsettling that church security is growing in relevance and need, Apex is equipped to handle all your security needs. We have a staff of highly trained and experiences professionals who are trained in security procedures, weapons training, self-defense, and security consulting. The wonderful thing about our church security training, is that churches can choose all services listed to fit their budget, needs, and concerns.

We are a faith-based company who feels there is no greater calling than this. To inquire more or to meet with one of our consultants for free, please email us at or call us at 336-529-4019 (please leave a voicemail if no one is available).


ADG offers FREE presentations to congregations on what to do during violent events, as well as meets with churches for free to review their security and present to the board as part of our new "Protect the Pew" Initiative.


Basic church security information-

  • Addressing the Need- Historical Statistics and Security Concerns
  • Presentation on what to do if acts of violence occur to the congregation
  • Church Liability
  • Church Safety Information
  • Child Safety
  • Mapping of Evacuation Routes
  • And more!

Physical Security-

  • Physical Security Consultation and Review
  • Security Measures and Countermeasures (doors, windows, barricades, fencing, lighting, locks, access controls, etc.)
  • Risk and Threat Assessments
  • Security and Emergency Plans
  • And more!

Security Team Training-

  • Mission of the Security Team- Deterrence, Detection, and Response
  • Pre/Post Service Security
  • Protection of Offering Money
  • Selecting a Security Team
  • Security Personnel Placement
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Pastoral Protection
  • Combatives/Self Defense
  • Weapons Training (For those who carry)
  • And more!

Medical Training -

  • Including mass casualty response, tactical medicine, and BLS/CPR training
  • Medical bags, kits, and supplies
  • And more!

Full Comprehensive Church Security Exercises Including Multiple Large-Scale Scenarios


Please contact us for a comprehensive list!


*Churches receive a significant discount for all church security training

*All congregation members will receive 15% off ALL Apex classes and services as a thank you!

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