12.5.20- Tactical Medicine 2

12.5.20- Baton Fundamentals

12.6.20- Situational Awareness 2

12.12.20- Vehicle Defense (Rifle/Pistol)

12.12.20- Low Light/ No Light Force on Force

12.13.20- Force on Force Fundamentals 2

12.19.20- 2-Day Active Shooter Armed Response

12.20.20- 2-Day Active Shooter Armed Response

12.20.20- Active Shooter Unarmed Response

12.26.20- Christmas Vacation

12.27.20- Beyond Stop the Bleed

12.27.20- AR15 Cleaning/ Armorers Course




1.2.21- CQB Force on Force

1.3.21- Squad Tactics Force on Force

1.9.21- Long Distance Pistol

1.10.21- Restraint Escape and Evasion 2

1.16.21- 2-Day K9 Medicine

1.17.21- 2-Day K9 Medicine

1.23.21- 2-Day Intro into Long Distance Shooting 1

1.24.21- 2-Day Intro into Long Distance Shooting 1

1.30.21- Rifle/Pistol Drills Skills

1.30.21- NC Concealed Carry Class

1.31.21- Advanced Tactical Technical Medical Skills





Saturday 2.6.21- Rifle/Pistol Movement Fundamentals

Sunday 2.7.21- Wilderness First Aid

Tuesday 2.9.21- Stop the Bleed 101 (Troy NC)

Saturday 2.13.21- IED Identification and Response (LEO/Security/K9 ONLY)

Sunday 2.14.21- Couples Shooting Clinic

Sunday 2.14.21- Couples Home Defense Class

Saturday 2.20.21- Cover and Concealment Rifle/Pistol

Saturday 2.20.21- Bladed Weapons 1 (guest instructor Greg Crotts)

Sunday 2.21.21- Introduction to Shotguns

Friday 2.26.21- Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Ground Control (guest instructor Spencer Reeves)

Saturday 2.27.21- Defensive Handgun 1

Saturday 2.27.21- EDC Low Light (handheld/weapon mounted pistol/rifle)

Sunday 2.28.21- Situational Awareness 1




Saturday 3.6.21- Defensive Rifle 1

Saturday 3.6.21- Women’s Blade Weapons Class (guest instructor Greg Crotts)

Sunday 3.7.21- Camo and Recon 1

Saturday 3.13.21- Long Range Mathematics

Saturday 3.13.21- Night Vision 1

Sunday 3.14.21- Restraint Escape and Evasion 1

Saturday 3.20.21- Women’s Outdoor Weekend (Hunting First Aid/Shooting Fundamentals)

Sunday 3.21.21- Women’s Outdoor Weekend (Long Range Hunting Clinic)

Saturday 3.27.21- Tactical Medicine 1

Saturday 3.27.21- NC Concealed Carry Class

Sunday 3.28.21- Beginner Pistol

Sunday 3.28.21- Land Navigation 1




Saturday 4.3.21- Home Defense/ CQB 1

Saturday 4.3.21- Home Defense in Darkness

Sunday 4.4.21- Easter Sunday (ADG Closed)

Friday 4.9.21- Stop the Bleed 101

Saturday 4.10.21- Fighting Revolver

Saturday 4.10.21- Self-Defense Ground Control (guest instructor Matthew H)

Sunday 4.11.21- Force on Force Fundamentals

Saturday 4.17.21- Concealed Carry Survival (Troy NC)

Sunday 4.18.21- Foraging, Plant ID, and Edible Plants

Sunday 4.18.21- Off Grid Cooking

Saturday 4.24.21- EDC Concealment and Implementation

Saturday 4.24.21- EDC Medical

Saturday 4.24.21- Bladed Weapons 2 (guest instructor Greg Crotts)

Sunday 4.25.21- Beginner/Introductory Rifle

Sunday 4.25.21- Land Nav 2




Saturday 5.1.21- CQB Urban Environments

Saturday 5.1.21- Night Vision CQB

Sunday 5.2.21- Introduction into Survival/Preparedness

Sunday 5.2.21- Water Purification/Camp Sanitation

Saturday 5.8.21- Tactical Medicine 2

Saturday 5.8.21- NC Concealed Carry Class

Sunday 5.9.21- Mother’s Day Women’s Only Pistol Class

Saturday 5.15.21- 2-Day SERE (Survive, Escape, Resist, Evade)

Sunday 5.16.21- 2-Day SERE Class (Survive, Escape, Resist, Evade)

Saturday 5.22.21- Competition Pistol

Saturday 5.22.21- Dry-Fire Clinic

Sunday 5.23.21- Self-Defense 1

Sunday 5.29.21- Baton Fundamentals

Friday 5.28.21- Guns and Gear Setup Workshop

Saturday 5.29.21- EDC Pistol 1

Sunday 5.30.21- Force on Force CCW

Sunday 5.30.21- Advanced Bleeding Control 102




Saturday 6.5.21- Defensive Rifle 2

Saturday 6.5.21- Self-Defense Workshop (guest instructor Greg Crotts)

Sunday 6.6.21- Survival Medicine: Illnesses and Treatments

Sunday 6.6.21- Survival Medicine: Plant Based Remedies

Saturday 6.12.21- CQB Force on Force

Sunday 6.13.21- Squad Tactics Force on Force

Saturday 6.19.21- Camo and Recon 2

Saturday 6.19.21- NC Concealed Carry

Sunday 6.20.21- Father’s Day Rifle/Pistol Tune Up

Saturday 6.26.21- 2-Day Introduction into Long Range Shooting 1

Sunday 6.27.21- 2-Day Introduction into Long Range Shooting 1




Saturday 7.3.21- Defensive Handgun 2

Saturday 7.3.21- Bladed Weapons 1 (guest instructor Greg Crotts)

Sunday 7.4.21- Happy Independence Day (ADG Closed)

Saturday 7.10.21- EDC 1st Line Gear

Saturday 7.10.21- Tissue Test: EDC Gear and Bullets Test w/ EDC Medical Trauma Block

Sunday 7.11.21- Self-Defense 2

Sunday 7.11.21- Gun Cleaning and Maintenance Class

Saturday 7.17.21- 2-Day Active Shooter Armed Response

Sunday 7.18.21- 2-Day Active Shooter Armed Response

Sunday 7.18.21- 2-Hour Active Shooter Unarmed Response

Saturday 7.24.21- Vehicle Defense

Saturday 7.24.21- Vehicle Defense Darkness

Sunday 7.25.21- Situational Awareness 2

Saturday 7.31.21- Long Range Shooting 2 (850yrd Range)

Saturday 7.31.21- Stop the Bleed 101




Sunday 8.1.21- Defensive Shotgun 1

Saturday 8.7.21- SERE 2

Saturday 8.7.21- SERE 2

Saturday 8.14.21- Advanced Carry Handgun

Saturday 8.14.21- Weapon Retention/Defense Fundamentals

Sunday 8.15.21- Mass Casualty Triage and Medical Response

Friday 8.20.21/Saturday 8.21.21- Camo and Recon 3

Saturday 8.21.21- NC Concealed Carry Class

Sunday 8.22.21- Restraint Escape and Evasion 2 Non-Permissive Environments

Saturday 8.28.21- Core Rifle Fundamentals

Saturday 8.28.21- Bladed Weapons Scenarios (guest instructor Greg Crotts)

Sunday 8.29.21- Survival Medicine- Advanced Medical Treatments





A certificate of completion will be given at the end of each class. Couples, groups, and agency discounts will be given! As always, private classes are no additional charge and can be booked any time Monday-Friday! If you want a class you do not see scheduled, call us and we will put one on the books.

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