Our instructors and staff are comprised of very experienced and professional personnel. We have 5 full time, as well as many part-time and adjunct staff.  We have the personnel and skills needed to ensure a professional and beneficial experience. Every employee has a long and impressive resume as only vetted instructors are chosen. We have instructors and staff that have experience in international training and operational contracts, security consulting, emergency preparedness, firearms training, event security, and combat medicine just to name a few. Some of our staff are ex-military, government consultants/contractors, or have extensive experience in their specific field, such as a physician with 25 years experience to oversee our advanced medical training curriculum. To inquire further into our instructor staff, please contact us via phone or email. We have too many staff to list every bio, however, almost everybody utilizing ADG's services will talk to Ryan, the Director of Training and Consulting. Ryan is the main point of contact and serves as our team leader. His bio is included below:




Ryan currently serves at the Director of Training and Consulting as well as the managing team leader. He previously served as a team leader and headed up the training and consulting division for the previous company, Apex Security Group. Before heading up ADG Training and Consulting, Ryan has completed his college degree, worked for three other training companies, and has a very impressive resume.


Work Experience: Ryan always knew this is what he wanted to do with his life and started at a youg age serving as the team leader of a 42-man MILSIM team ranked in the top of the Southeast and was playing the Opposing Force (OpFor) for soldiers in the U.S. Army where he picked up tactical knowldge and know-how, focusing on what worked and what did not. Ryan then began working in Executive Protection during college, providing protection and security for celebrities in the music industry at events, as well as clients who needed more personalized protection. He also had began working as a firearms and tactics instructor, as well as a self-defense instructor for the company training future employees and team members. Ryan took a TCCC class taught by a government defense ran by special operations and found his love for tactical medicine becoming proficient in TCCC. Ryan then went to work for a training and consulting company located outside of Charlotte, N.C. where he worked as the lead firearms trainer writing the curriculums, a tactical medicine instructor, active shooter instructor, and worked in tactical gear sales and development. Ryan then left there and went to work for another firearms training company close to the Virginia border in N.C. where he studied under the owner, a CIA firearms instructor, who ran elite training classes. Ryan worked and trained law enforcement, military, and civilians, in a variety of beginner and advanced weapons classes. He then came back to ASG, and then was a facilitator in founding ADG. Ryan has continued to work as a firearms instructor for law enforcement and civilians, active shooter instructor, executive protection and event security coordinator, tactical medicine instructor, church security trainer, corporate security consultant for businesses under Critical Infrastructure, self-defense instructor, home-defense instructor, and works as an armorer for ADG and as a consultant for firearms manufacturering companies.  Ryan also shoots in tactical 3-gun, precision rifle, and defensive shooting competitions.


International Experience: Ryan served on a team sent to a nation in Southeast Asia to conduct anti-human trafficking operations and served on a team which trained some of the nation’s top police from specialized divisions, training them in officer survival/ self-defense, weapons training, and tactical medical training. Ryan served as the lead instructor for firearms and medical training and worked as an adjunct instructor for self-defense. He also worked for local NGO workers with human trafficking intelligence and scouting, aid worker protection, and diplomatic missions coordinating with NGOs and government/military entities.


Education: Ryan has a Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security (National and International Security) from one of the top programs in the nation. His concentration was in counter-terrorism, specializing in terrorism tactics and in physical security. He has completed collegiate Homeland Security courses in terrorism studies, domestic terrorism, political violence, intelligence analysis, counter intelligence, critical infrastructure protection, intelligence processing, counterterrorism, social intelligence behavior analysis, risk analysis, physical security, security management, WMDs/IEDs, disaster medical operations, Homeland Security technology, critical problem analysis, strategic planning, cybersecurity, emergency management, disaster preparedness and response, disaster mitigation, and much more. He also completed academic Homeland Security Grant Proposal Projects, Hazard/Vulnerability/Risk/Threat Assessments, Incident Action Plans for a small-town disasters, a Homeland Security Physical Security Audit and Assessment on a working Aviation facility, Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Plan (HSEEP) on the Oklahoma City Bombing, Homeland Security Physical Security Survey on a working Chemical Stockpile Facility, Homeland Security Infrastructure and Risk Analysis Project (IRAP) for Wake Forest Baptist Hospital, Counter-Terror Intelligence Analysis on Domestic Threats, THIRA (Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment) Cascading Threat Hazard Models, and a Senior Capstone Paper on Critical Infrastructure Protection for small towns, plus many more. He has had a paper published in an academic Homeland Security journal, “Domestic Violent Extremists: The New Breed of Terrorism?” and has written countless other academic papers. Lastly, he has done two presentations at national academic symposiums, “Training Indigenous Personnel: Past, Present, and Future?” at the Homeland Security Academic Research Symposium and “The Importance of Private Military Contractors and their Influence on the Global War on Terror” at the Campbell Annual Academic Symposium. Ryan has obtained training and briefings from U.S. Dept of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Coast Guard, North Carolina Emergency Management (NCOEM), U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), N.C. State Bureau of Investigations (SBI), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), NYPD, FDNY, United Nations, NYC Operations and Emergency Management, plus many more local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies as well as private sector defense companies.


Certifications: He has B.S. in Homeland Security and certifications in: rifle and pistol training and instruction, defensive pistol, combatives (self-defense) instructor, tactical medicine 101 and 102 instructor, TCCC, TECC, NAEMT disaster medical operations, FEMA Incident Command, FEMA Disaster Operations, DHS Infrastructure Protection, DHS Home and Business Protection, DHS Workplace Violence, Workplace Security, DHS Active Shooter: What to Do, FEMA Mass Care and Emergency Assistance, DHS certification in Securing Churches, Schools, and Colleges in Mass Casualty Preparedness, Hazardous Materials, FEMA HAZMAT Medical Response, FEMA Community Preparedness, Survaillance and Counter-Survaillance, Security Awareness, Protection Against Insider Threats,  Theft and Diversion Security, Human Trafficking Awareness, Radiological and Nuclear Incidents, Event Security Planning, Community Preparedness Implementations, American College of Surgeons Trauma Bleeding Control Instructor, an AR-15 Armorers certification, and more.


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