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Apex Defense Group, LLC is a private defense and training group based out of Winston-Salem, NC. At ADG, we are dedicated to delivering the highest level of service and training to civilians, military, and law enforcement. We offer a myriad of services, ranging from advanced firearms classes all the way up to corporate consulting. Our instructors provide the highest quality of service possible from their extensive training, operational background, and passion for the job. We began this company, not to get rich, but to serve our community through our knowledge, training, and passion for protecting others. We are also the home and founder of the "Back the Blue NC Initiative." Apex offers unique and custom-tailored services not found anywhere else. Our primary services include:


  • Firearms Training from Novice to Advanced
  • Military/Law Enforcement Classes
  • Tactical Medical Classes
  • Corporate Security Consulting
  • Church Security Training
  • School Security Training
  • Home Defense Training
  • Self-Defense Training
  • Custom Tactical Gear and Weapon Outfitting/Services
  • Custom Vehicle. Medical, and Survival Bags


Thank you for stopping by and checking out ADG. To book a spot in our next class or inquire further about a service, please contact at management.apexgroup@gmail.com



Thank you, 

Apex Defense Group, LLC Management and Staff



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